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A cute and scary game with kids and stuffed animals. I love it!!

gameplay pt-br


This game is actually amazing 


I LOVE THIS GAME! mr hopps playhouse 3 gameplay 

Mr hops playhouse 3 is finally out

Thats really intersting

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Oh yea I'm really glad I tried this game out and I added it to my Wishlist on steam! Great job on this one!

where’s the full game release here?

Bunny screamed at me ;(

Sorry but how is the Android version going? Did something come up that was too difficult to fix to get the game working again?



dude who gave mr.hopps crack what the hell

ikr 💀

I am so in love with this game

Its been an amazing journey

plus an upgrade from 2D to 3D

but 2D or 3D, still an amazing game

but I have to ask


I'm so happy when I saw this the rabbit is back!!

muito legal 


Thanks For the Jump Scares Can't Wait till Full Game Releases Keep It Up Great Game


Late to the party but Im glad I got to play! Love the Mr.Hopp's series, and loved the new stuff you guys tried. Excited to see what the full game brings!

i love the Mr. Hopps games and this game does not let down. i love the 3D aspect of the game cant wait for the full game.


The change from 2D to 3D was fantastic and the scares are very well executed, in addition to the fact that the character is very well controlled and the puzzles are acceptable for any player. Good Game Demo Complete Here con subtitulos en español no olvides activarlos primero.


I am so hyped for the full release. The game looks really good and recommend everyone to try it out it's really good. (and if you're lazy to play you can watch me screem :3 )

This game scared me and the full game is going to continue the trend. Here I come to play the first 2 games in this series!!! 

i am so ready for this!

I'm wondering if this game will be like Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 1-2, and Mr. Hopp's Manor escape, and will be able to install it through the Google Play Store.

This demo was so scary, man I was freaked out. I was stupid on the first puzzle but after that it was smooth scary sailing for me! Best of luck on the full version! Here's my playthrough as well as the first game - 

Nice demo, i made a video and 2 screenshots :D

Awesome game bro. Just started playing these. Amazing experience! 


good game, now im scared

I loved this! The perspective in this one made it a lot more creepier, great job!

i tried your demo, and i have some advice for you to make it a good game, because the others were too difficult to finish!

The movement of the camera when you turn it around is too fast, fix it please.

When you are close to a wall or something like that the character and the visual zoom too much, please fix it too

And please make a game that is possible to finish because the others were too extreme, and i couldn't finish.

And when you die in this game, if i have collected some things i wish to have them also when i restart the game from the autosave please, because if i have to play another hour to take them again it's annoying sincerely, fix this please. :/

Really nice game. The ambience the sound effects just amazing.

My favourite game at the moment

camera is annoying tho, I almost died so many times because of it, reminds me of tomb raider aod when I rage quit the game because of wonky camera

Absolutely TERRIFYING! I cannot wait for the full game to come out!!!! Please keep up the amazing work! I want that juicy lore! 10/10

This game is super scary. The jumpscares, the atmosphere are terrifying. This game is a masterpiece. Good work.

great game! love the jumpscares & i like the camera view because i can see 360°. really curious for full version. wish you enjoy my gameplay... :)

muito foda, mal posso esperar pela full version. Lembro que quando joguei o primeiro eu ja tinha achado incrivel, agroa em 3d, ficou 10x vezes mais aterrorizante.

The game was fun can't wait for the full release.




Wow! I really appreciate what you all did here! The camera angle restrictions were an interesting choice, and actually made the experience scarier. If it’s change anything it’d be the trident guard’s reactions to the player! Kudos! Great work.

Depois de pegar 100% nos dois primeiros jogos da franquia, precisava testar essa demo. Ansioso pra saber mais do que vai acontecer nesse game

The game's really creepy and I feel like I fell for nearly every jumpscares you put in. Very nice job. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I had no idea there was even a new game coming out but im glad! I wasnt sure about the change to 3D characters at first but I think it looks good. Excited for the full game!

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