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On Christmas Eve, Officer Frederick Hartwell believes he's on a routine call-out to settle a domestic dispute but gets more than he bargained for when he finds that the house is empty, it's unnaturally cold and something seems to be lurking in the darkness.

A short Horror game inspired by early-2000's Point-and-Click games seen on Flash websites.

[This game is graphic heavy, a high-performance PC is recommended!]

Merry Christmas, everybody!

- Jake, Moonbit.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Puzzle, Strategy
TagsChristmas, Escape Game, Horror, pointnclick, scary, Survival Horror


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Not sure why the pc version is paid but mobile is free but nice game anyways

they gotta make money somehow


What a fun christmas horror game!! The style was super unique to me, I've never played a first-person shooter that was also point and click! :D

onw of my holiday favorites 

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Jack Frost was nipping on my bones! Awesome game had me creeped out frome start to finish.



Very good game! This game is jumpscared me! F A N T A S I C. Keep it up!


made an account just to emphasize how freaking GOOD this game is

like seriously, this 1 dollar point-and-click horror game just laughs in the face of every fnaf game (and fangame) ever MADE, its incredible!

Probably no one will see this but what was the engine used to make the game?


I believe it's made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 since mr.hopps playhouse was made using it


Everything about this, from the style to the story to the different bits of gameplay, was phenomenal! The monster design is spectacular as well! I had a little trouble figuring out how to beat the "survive" segment, but somehow managed to beat the game! Overall, a fantastic horror experience! Great work!
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cool game jake, i miss yor vids, anyway, keep going buddy, i hope you have a lot of succes in your life.


I couldn't beat it, as I terrible at FNAF-style games.  But the lead up to the final level is one of the best I've ever played.  Top-notch VA, well-paced scares, and a super creepy tone.  Highly recommended, and if you can't bea the end, just watch one of the many excellent videos below!

Had a fun time trying this game out!  I managed to get jump-scared a lot while playing this game as well!  I thought the game was well developed and had a great concept as well! 




This was a great game! I loved the flashlight point and click style. It was surprisingly immersive and scary. Thank you for making this game!

On of my favorite games on itch.io so far. Great idea for a different type of fnaf type game. 


This was pretty good and harder than expected.


Tried out your game...

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god damn i wanna play this game in my pc but my mom don't like to buy online stuff

Сочуствую. Если хочешь знать, я вобще не знаю как пополнить деньги в Steme.

I was very surprised how immersive the game was considering the gameplay was rather simple being point-and-click. Putting the clues together as I found them in various rooms often times put my guard down because I became more focused on solving the mystery rather than being cautious as to what could come next or jump out in each room.

The use of the flashlight illuminating just a small portion of the environment was really effective in increasing the tension. And using video static as a way to indicate you've gone from one room to another was creative, complimenting the knowledge that the entire game is actually video footage that you're unfolding. I highly enjoyed this game. This is one of those games that effectively uses very simple gameplay, controls, and story to immerse the player. I highly recommend you get it! I will be looking to feature Moonbit's other game, Mr. Hopp's Playhouse.

good game plus the locked door can end up throwing you on the title screen and a problem. I was in the battle and near the end of the battle she sent me to the XD title screen. and thanks for making it available on steam just like that to buy in my country.


Ooooh what aride this has been. 

I played your game "Mr. Hopp's Playhouse" last year and adored it - and I actually didn't realize upon playing this that it was done by the same people, until I finished it. But looking back, the simple effectiveness of it should have been a dead giveaway.

This is a wonderfully set up game with well paced scares and managing to make something as a "killer snowman" genuinely frightening - while requiring you to put the clues together yourself from the environment, which is done super well for certain.

The only gripes I have with this are some minor design choices. For one, the phone password was very difficult to figure out - it's one thing to leave passwords around, but making you have to mix them up requires a bit more of a clue somewhere in the house. I had to resort to checking out other playthroughs, and judging from those I wasn't the only one having trouble.

Second, the final encounter with the snowman, a wonderful bit of resource management as it is, goes on for just a tiny bit too long and locks you in place with no option but to get killed if you run out of flame fuel. I don't see what the harm is in being able to go to the kitchen and have the snowman simply chase you. You'd still lose health and have to move fast. As it is now, it is very easy to die several minutes into the fight and have to do the same thing all over again way too many times.

These are VERY minor gripes all things considered however. I loved the game, and you're first becoming a fave dev of mine on this website. keep up the wonderful work. I can't wait to see what other kinds of spooks await me.

That ghost monster looks goofy.

Call for reinforcements Good horror game


This game is a dollar and it's worth it. Moral of the story, "Don't cheat, stay faithful." Oh, and don't be a cop... I'm sure there's real GHOST cop stories out there. Shout out to my 10 new subscribers. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!


Played this game for a quick horror experience and got TOTALLY immersed into the game. I got into the horror genre through old point and clicks, and this one is a really beautiful, solid, modernized one. I seriously feel I can play this again! Thank you so much for the experience. Played this game for a quick horror experience and got TOTALLY immersed into the game. I got into the horror genre through old point and clicks, and this one is a really beautiful, solid, modernized one. I seriously feel I can play this again! Thank you so much for the experience.


freaking hard game... hahha

No Commentary :)


This game was really good! I’d never played a game like this before so really enjoyed this one! Must admit I am slightly confused by the story line but it was enjoyable :) great work! Keep it up! 
here is my game play below :) 



First Game I played. It was really scary to me

THIS GAME IS ONE OF A KIND!!! Keep up the awesome content and hope you enjoy my gameplay on it!

This game was really good haven't played a point and click like this in a very long time. it gave me chills and was very creepy. They way you placed the snow man in certain places was good it got me good lol. who would have thought a snow man would be  so scary lol. There is a bug where you alt tab out the game and it doesn't let you click back in the game. all and all this game was great thanks for the experience! 


I am so excited about this game. It is a scary, interesting and unusual experience. From Russia with love!

Thanks for playing!!

Sadly I'm unable to complete this game due to a bug in the children's room. It'll tell me to fix the heater during the late game but the heat would appear already fixed and I'm unable to get the red dot to go away leading to my death. Please fix this. This is a really good game and I'd like to finish it.

Very odd, I'll look into this, thanks!

Bug report. Alt+tabbing out of the game causes the mouse to not function on the game anymore.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'll resolve ASAP.

I'm playing this on mobile, and the only problem I see is with the controls. Sometimes trying to move across the room results in me entering the other room if it's in the main hall or kitchen. This can be extremely detremental in the last segment of the game, as it requires you to keep moving and not make mistakes when doing so. Can you polish up the controls with this in mind?

I'll consider this on the next patch. Thanks!

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