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Can you guys download this game if You like it this is the link for the game

so creepy



The question is there Mr. Hopps playhouse 3 Demo

true question my bo

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i cant play this

im scared lol


soooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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what the actual heck


Absolutely loved this! Even as someone who hasnt played the first game, I adored it and am SO excited to see it completed!!

Sad to see the end of the demo :(

how do you play this game

So I hit my desk because of these jumpscares😢


This is by far the best rpg horror
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can you make it to where you can continue on the demo it scared the shi out of me when it jump scared me i was like AHHH

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I play mr hopp 2 on steam~ really hard but so fun!!

Ive been WAITING! 




this is me when I play MR. Hopp's Playhouse 2 Full Game...

I am waiting for this to come out of demo so I can play this masterpiece.

Amazing game..will playing full version on steam later!!

what drawing program did you use?


I wish i could buy this game

Absolutely terrified me, just as the original did! Looking forward to playing the full version!

This game was AWESOME! I really enjoyed playing it.

First things first, this game is amazing! A huge improvement over the first game (not saying the first game was bad.) The atmosphere and ambiance were amazing, as well as the music. Haven't played through the game fully yet, but I made a video of me playing up to chapter 5, gonna play more of it soon. 


It was good to see a few new mechanics compared to the first game. It definitely had some spooky moments, but one gripe I had was the lack of player direction in some parts of the demo. I don't mind it in the "chase" sections, but it was weird to have no directions on where to go in such a big house when there was no danger present.

how to mod?

This game was great! I really enjoyed the unique style and it actually gave me a few good scares! I also had some really funny moments throughout my playthrough. Check it out here!

When Will We Get Full On Itch

we will never get it full game id from steam :(

i wish i could play the entire game 

aw man, when will the entire game come on, ik it's on steam but I have some pr

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