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Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life.

WASD/Arrow keys to Move, Jump and Crouch.

E/Z to Interact.

Controller supported.

[Mechanics inspired by Lasagna Boy by Trashy Rascal Studios]


#horror #adventure #pixel #retro #strategy #puzzle #survival

Updated 4 hours ago
Published 15 days ago
AuthorMoonbit Studios
GenreSurvival, Adventure, Strategy
Tags2D, Horror, pixel, Retro


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I almost lost it playing this game, but it was a lot of fun! I decided to make my first ever lets play while playing this and I had a lot of fun doing so. Thank you for making such a fun scary game!


Hello! i just wanted say i enjoyed playing this game and although i didn't beat this yet, i can't wait to come back and try to finished this! oh and the game did scare me :)


Gave it a go...


This game actually scared me..... and THAT'S A GREAT THING!

Do I have to pay to play the game?



The game was fun for how short it is. I would love to see more of this. The only thing I didn't like was Mr. Hopp's AI with how it was random or would stay agroed on the character. Besides that fantastic!

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This is one of the best 2D pixelated horror games I’ve played. I didn’t mean to scream as much I did....


Thank you all so much for playing the game and enjoying it. It has really been overwhelming to see all the positive reactions! More to come.


this game is incredible, really! i got scared so many times lol, and i was able to do 2 endings. idk if there is one more i couldn't find it. keep the good work okay xoxo


I was able to get all three endings. Great job on this game! It gave me that good ol' adrenaline. I also like the how this feels somewhat like a platformer. I think it's a good mix and I absolutely LOVE the Easter eggs. If I may ask: What engine did you use to make this game?

So terrifying to play! I got the generic ending I think.


I just played this today & I absolutely loved it! This game flawlessly captures childhood horror & I was on the edge of my seat & screaming for my life the majority of the playthrough. If you don't believe me, watch my vod from Twitch. Mr. Hopp's Playhouse is the first game I played during my 7hr stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/496812615 Please keep up the great work! 


Ok, so this game...is GOD TIER. I usually don't enjoy pixel games, especially 2D types, but this one made me a believer! The toy obstacles are perfect and the way Hopps comes after you is genuinely blood pumping! Wish I knew about the other endings though, I only got 2.

So i figured out how to burn the house down, but how do i find/save Ruby's mother? I'm pretty sure both are needed to get the best ending (since her dad probably got hopped), and would appreciate any hints

This game was awesome. Literally had me jumping out of my chair the whole time. Very well done. Would Highly Recommend.

Thanks for making a game in my name =D
for real though it was a good game, scared me a few times lol

got done playing this game yesterday an it was enjoyable, thank you for making this an here is my playthrough of it 

high five and keep it up 
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I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game pretty unique and, ties in well with the theme. So many times I was on the edge of my seat, heart racing, trying to survive. The only down fall is I think I may have encountered a bug that didn't let me progress. When I grabbed the key I believe it was suppose to allow me to use it on the door to freely come and, go from that area. I believe the key is suppose to be Z as, I interacted with other things that had the hand symbol. I did try every other keystroke to see if this wasn't the case with no luck. Can't wait to see similar games like this from you in the future!

Wow this was well made and super creepy! Loved this, cant wait to see more! Gave me flashbacks to creepy toys I had as a kid lol

I've downloaded this game, but i have no sound in-game, on the menu i have sound, any fixes to this?


This game has got me HOOKED! The old style graphics are amazing and the gameplay is soooo fun! I got so into this game that Mr.Hopp had me SCREAMING at him because his AI is so good I couldn't get passed sometimes. I love Mr.Hopp as character too! I want a Mr.Hopp plush! Amazing work! I want more of Mr.Hopp and cant wait to see more!make this a plush! i want one :D

his eyes be like Pennywise

This game truely was alot better then I expected. Cause I am usualy not a horror player. But this was amazing.

I see the obvious influence and I enjoy it quite a lot. ^-^


I'm about to download the game, sorry that i'm not able to donate to you. :( but i just made an account so i could post this comment, as you can tell by my username.


I LOVE THIS GAME! It's amazing. Has JUST the right amount of spook. The atmosphere is perfect for a horror game. All around, this game is just outstanding for a game that was your first.

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I was wondering, as many people seem to dislike the way Mr. Hopp moves, are you intended to use the toys as a distraction? Doing this made it rather easy to avoid him after my first playthrough, so I wasn't sure if it's an intended mechanic or if I'm "cheating".

Also, if you crouch at the end to try to dodge out of the way, it doesn't act as if you've been caught, but you can't move and you are stuck crouching.

I've also found a lot of things that change/appear as you get more tapes, but I can't figure out why there's a prompt on the right side of the couch(by the blanket/sheet) and I found a hidden thing that said it did something(I think that's vague enough, yet specific enough to tell you what it is), but after searching the house, I couldn't find what it did.    As these seem to have to do with "secrets", I understand if you don't want to say anything about them.

Finally, I just want to say that this game is great and it gave me the genuine childlike fear I felt the first time I played Five Nights at Freddy's. For how much more simple this game feels, it is really able to generate the ambiance necessary for a quality horror game.


Thanks so much for playing and feedback! The toys can serve as a distraction definitely, it makes it easier to control where you want Hopp to end up. The papers by the couch can be used for something but you need other items for it to come into effect, another one of the games secrets (still many that haven't been found!). I'm overwhelmed at the attention it has received, sometimes simple is best. -Jake


Just watched Markipliers LP. Game looked really interesting, but I am going to HARD suggested you put a flashing lights/seizure warning. I didn't know it was going to happen, and it happens MULTIPLE time during game play. This kind of stuff can trigger seizures in Epileptics and photosensitive people. 

A small warning at the start of the game, right under the menu would've been really helpful.

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It says at the very beginning "This game contains scary themes, flashing visuals, and jumpscares. Player discretion is advised"

Nice game ! Watched markplier and find author's page by search

Just wonder how many ending in this game ?

Nice work! Hoping more your games


Thanks! Three endings :)

uwu nice

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I've created a thing on Reddit for chatter and whatnot. https://www.reddit.com/r/MrHoppsPlayhouse/ (includes links back here and to Moonbit Studio's patreon.


So, I made an account just for this one comment.

I do swear.

This game is a genuinely horrifying experience, and that's so amazing in my opinion. The style is very well laid out, and the kid acts just as a 10-11 year old would in this sort of situation.

The only thing that may need sprucing up is Hopps' frickin stalking.

Like you have no way to tell where he is when he walks off of the screen. Is he going to snap right back? Or is he going to fuck off for the next ten years?

Leave it up to the rabbit to surprise the hell out of you when you walk out from your hiding place and he suddenly comes back to see if you've dropped the soap. :)

It's horrifying, I give it that, though, and it adds to the experience.

There could be a meter that shows what Hopps is doing when he's in your line of sight, giving you a reason to pop into danger. Like, think of an indicator.

Red could mean coming towards, yellow could mean going away, green could mean completely gone and safe for now, and then the player could do their thing based on that.

I dunno, just a fun thought. I know it'd be hard to implement, and what the hell do I know about coding, but still.

This is a great game, despite some weird things and bugs. <3


Just tried out the game and did a video on it.  I also thought the game had a cool style to it while also scaring me a lot too.

Can you make a android port?

Working on it! :)


I made a video of this game, and I have to say, this was really well made! It got me multiple times, and I was always on edge. Amazing job!

This game is amazing it looks good and plays great you got a future at this keep it up


got a sexbot (jahereg) below me. Anyone know how to report accounts?

On it.

next to his comment there should be a report button I reported him

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Really cool game! I would like if you checked out my video spent a lot of time editing.

Wow what a creepy game


This game creates such an intense scary atmosphere, love it!

So - this was excellent!

The visual style and sidescrolling nature of the game reminds me of the original SNES Clock Tower in all of the best ways, while Mr Hopps is a genuinely freaky adversary that had more than a handful of surprises up his sleeve for me, spooking me quite effectively in a lot of places!  And let me say, I REALLY appreciate that you had the forethought to give the player checkpoints between finding tapes - so many games send you on these scavenger hunts that I am not usually a fan of, just to kill you and make you do the whole thing again. This was MUCH more managable and thus far more enjoyable than frustrating.

If I have to touch down on anything, there are times where Mr. Hopps' stalking takes entirely too long. There were many times I sat around behind the couch in the living room for up to 30-60 seconds because he frankly just refused to leave, and you had no way of knowing if he'd immediately turn back around whenever he walked off screen. Maybe give him some more patrol-esque movement patterns to alleviate this.

And of course, as you can see in this playthrough (and I dunno if you fixed this - I downloaded this on day one and played it later), there is a pretty bad bug by the end where dying at all makes your gun refuse to work on subsequent attempts until you exit to the main menu and come back. Could easily throw folks very far off.

But either way - this is excellent. Music, design, scare style, space between scares and objectives - great stuff. So well done. I loved playing this.


Nice game with a whole lot of jumpscares

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