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Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life.

WASD/Arrow keys to Move, Jump and Crouch.

E/Z to Interact.

Controller supported.

[Mechanics inspired by Lasagna Boy by Trashy Rascal Studios]


#horror #adventure #pixel #retro #strategy #puzzle #survival


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mrhoppsplayhouse-0.2.0.zip 39 MB

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so creepy 😓

Hey Im Andre_MvP, A gaming youtuber who played this game and got some very good jumpscares in lol! If you can I would appreciate your support !

Hey, Jake! 

I'm putting together a project for the 10th Anniversary of Game Theory, and I was wondering if I could send you some information! Please email me at redberryweobusiness@gmail.com if you are interested in more information. Thank you!


Amazing game, enjoyed it

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Hey, still no android port of this, I'm making the port but it's too hard since I'm still learning, can you give me the .mfa file of this?

You can give me a link and send email to me.

I'll make the android port. I made one from scratch, but it's too hard. (and I don't have experience in making platformer games.)


Ruby's room complete:

See that?

I want to help.

I'll translate the controls to touch, and I'll give you the port, and give credit to you.

IM GONNA DIE...............

Someone plz tell me.... What's in the second game, and is the game based off the last ending you had?


Really great atmosphere in this game, genuinley had me theorising haha :)

How do you play after you download??

You have a PC?

Run .exe file.

I'm new,but,did you code this game in Clickteam?

Yes, he did.

this game is very scary and the jumpscares are so good


You guys shouldn't have to nerve a game or make changes to it like the gun. But anyway there needs to be a part two where the girl is a teen they tell her the truth about her parents. Mr hops makes a return most likely killing her friends and going after her again she doesn't die but the rabbit obviously breaks something like a leg or arm. Like I said this game did no justice this could be a great series and it can go far. Cosmic God signing off.

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fun game,  scared the living shit out of me 🤣🤣

awesome game I Cant wait for mr hopps playhouse 2 congratulations team I really enjoyed it :D

awesome game ı waiting mr hopps playhouse 2 congratulations team

Love the game! It's really nice to see a well done pixel art game. I'd like to make a request or two: it'd be really nice to have a screen that shows the endings i've adquired and how many are left. 

Achievements would also be a fun addition, i feel it would make the experience even better by encouraging players to explore the game more trying to get each one. Achievemnts would be cool, even if they're just in the Steam version. 

I feel these additions would enhance the experience by giving the players a greater sense of accomplishment. That's all for now, keep up the good work! :)

Super good game, I really enjoyed it :)

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This is probably going to be a long comment, but though I never played the game formally it is a very thrilling and scary experience. Good job, you've really made us very proud! But I would like to ask some questions and probably one request for another possible update. But... Where the hell is the bathroom in the house? In the many let's plays and playthorughs that I saw there's no bathroom, and probably as a plot-twist would be the mother hiding in there, crying cuz her husband got killed (or probably eaten) by Mr. Hopp. 

Sorry, but I just really got caught in the plot that I enjoyed it! I would love to see a sequel of the game too. Well, I'm new here and I don't want to be anymore of a meddling girl so bye! P.S: Keep up the good work! :)


Pretty fun game! I enjoyed it :)

Hello game developer,I am really amazed by your games.  I would like to ask for help of how you can you create an ai on the background.  it is really fascinating to see your games


The game is amazing, I loved it but I think you could maybe add a hardcore sorta mode, where if you get caught you have to restart, or have a certain amount of lives. Just a recommendation. Continue with your amazing games!


It has some scare in it.

love it


Question: is there a way to find Ruby's mother? 

I found a Pennywise easter egg!

Pretty Scary side scroller game. I like the atmosphere and the jumpscares. :) Took me a while to finish completely.
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I actually enjoyed this.  The jump scares aren't fancy.. and they don't need to be.  They fit perfectly with the theme of the game.  Good job!



pretty lit game ngl

thank you  your video helped me to get the ending  firestarter


Hey Moonbit, thanks for making such an incredible game, I cant wait for the second one to come out. Do you have any updates on progress with the second game so far?


honestly one of the scariest games I've played so far! the design of mr hopp is something that comes straight from my nightmares! Thank you so much for this scares! Maybe I shouldn't play this kinda stuff late at night ;) here's my gameplay if anybody would like to check it! I didn't ventured in all the endings tho, this might be something I'll do in the future. <3

It was a great game!! Have a great day guys!!


Ok so am I stupid or is this a bug? I don’t know what to do, I slingshotted mr. hopps and now he’s chasing me with his hand and I never got the matches or anything and I can’t jump over the big black hand or jump over mr.hopps hand and ducking dosent work do I have to restart?

All you have to do is shoot the hands if they get in the way. ^_^


if anyone is interested in seeing some of the secrets that this game contains here is a video

si a alguien le interesa ver algunos de los secretos que contiene este juego aqui hay un video


Is this game 2D or 2.5D?


I guess technically 2.5D!


What engine/software did you use to make this?

I have a game I want to make!!!

 but I don't have a studio...

Clickteam Fusion 2.5


It is an entertaining game that has several scares and keeps you playing to know what happens



pues el video esta  chingon si la verdad que si pero no se si lo quiera descargar pero me lo dejare en mente

grax :)

COMO BAIXA ISSO? ALGUÉM ME ENSINA é que eu quero jogar no celular;-;

At the moment it is only available for PC


Muitoooo bom o jogo!!! Perfeito, completo, com sustos diferentes! A prova que o Super Nintendo podia ter jogos de Terror! Parabéns



Hi! I would like to congratulate you on the game as it is great
I'm a brazilian youtuber and made a gameplay of the game


hello i was wondering is there a way that you can also have a mac version? and if so can it be compatible with mac os 15?


We thought about it, but We need a Mac to build a version for iOS. Anyone in our team have a Mac right now. We would love to do it but, unfortunately it is impossible for us.

We are so sorry! :( 

this game is cool :)

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