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It was So fun

i loved very good game

Gameplay en español

such a fantastic game 

classic horror worth playing!

Hey there wonderful game, I know you've released some sequels and I played the demo for 3 which is really scary but the first entry is really good too! Here's my playthrough if you wanna check it out! - 

Mr. Hopps Playhouse 1 is my favorite out of the series!  The music and art is just so creepy.

Yup, still a great game. Made a video on the demo of the 3rd installment and thought why don't I check out the first game again.


i came and played this because my first experience with your games was the demo for playhouse 3, so i needed the lore dump! and honestly i love this and the lore, the jumpscares were not as scary as the demo for 3 but that just shows the evolution of your games and im so excited to see what's next! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

this was fun. actually spooked me a couple times :)



This was a new level of scary. Never been so paranoid of sound in a game. 1 out of 10 would never visit the playhouse XD

finally a good horror game



fantastic little horror game, simple and effective, scared me more than i thought it would and it just made me want to play more so i immediately bought Mr Hopp's Playhouse 2 (on steam) having blast with the sequel too, great work Moonbit, can't wait to play more of you're works

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This game was pretty spooky! Scared me quite a bit at times!


OoOoH interesting…

really enjoyed this game.

This game is so fun. It gave me a hard time hiding at some parts but it was still very enjoyable.

Keep it up with the good work.

This game was really fun loved it 

Deleted 98 days ago

Thanks for playing! Clickteam Fusion games often flag up false positives, it's an annoying issue I've had to deal with but regardless its perfectly safe.


this game got my nerves gone lol, brilliant game 


Really awesome game!

It's an entertaining game and scares are the order of the day lol it has a good atmosphere and the handling of the character is excellent also having several endings makes it replayable and makes you want to get everything. Good game! Game Completed Here 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Who knew a side-scrolling game about a killer bunny doll could so frightening from the unsettling area, the SFX, and the jump scares, It was a little hard to get around but with trials and errors I almost could figure it out, the story feels kinda nice with each tape unveiling the story on how Mr.Hopps came to life.  

one problem, there's a part of the game where the character flickers, you can see it in my video 12:41, I Hope you enjoy my reaction to the game as part of the Easter special


A classic at this point, i have been meaning to give this game a try for myself and it sure is a great horror experience. Recommend it to everyone and thank you for making this!

This game was actually really fun. The ambience was great as well

Link to a video I made on the game -

Wow! Interesting! Nice one! It's horrible! XD

Loved the ambience of this game!

heh its free to play on a laptop


The true firestarter ending wont work. I had lighter fluid, matches and I even didnt die anytime, but I couldn't light it. Its actually the second time it happened to me.

it's really intriguing. honestly took me forever to beat it but idk if that's cuz i'm trash at games, or if this is seriously difficult. but difficulties aside, this was really well made!


See this why I stay away from dolls. I did not like them in my room when I was little girl. I want to say this I like the creepy atmosphere. I like how the way the doll changes throughout game. I like the two endings. Great job. 


pls it will work the last time i play of other game it dint work pls work men

hey uh how do i fix this?
when I collect the first tape I pressed every button on my keyboard but I cant leave the tape screen idk wat to do

just hold down e u idiot god im so dumb


fiz um video desse jogo! quem puder me dar uma chance ficaria muito grato
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