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I wanted to report this bug because while I was playing, YouTubers had actually played it and when they entered the parent's room for the first time, there was supposed to be blood on the walls but, there wasn't. Also, there was supposed to be a Patreon link in the main menu, but I didn't see it. Is this a bug or is it something else? But I love this game.

Edit: By the way, I was using Version 0.2.0, in case if you needed more info.

I encountered that too when I run the game on ExeGear on my phone, maybe graphics issues?

But the game runs perfectly on a potato (mine's potato) so I dunno, no bugs or glitches.

I have had to make a few censored changes since I had some worrying messages about Ruby (a child) wielding a gun to protect herself. It may give out the wrong impression. The Patreon link has disappeared since this is now the Steam (and soon to be mobile) build, which doesn't allow such links. Hopefully this doesn't affect anybody's experience playing the game!

What about the blood that was supposed to be on the wall in the parent’s bedroom in the game?


Wow! Great game, I downloaded it and I'm enjoying every pixel of it. I play it at night using headphones and it's freaking scary. I really recommend this game, specially if you enjoy horror and 2d games, pixelart, etc!!!! Congratulations to the creator.

just wondering i saw jacksepticeye and markiplier play this game when it first came out and i noticed that there was no blood on the bed and the gun was replaced with a slingshot i wanted to know why it was replaced but otherwise it was an amazing experience good game i hope to play more of your games in the future

Fantastic job! Really like the aesthetic of it, the sound design is amazing too. Good work, looking forward to your future projects.

Love the game! But I've had a bit of a problem. The game will sometimes crash near the end (after getting the gun) and the game hasn't been saving my progress so I have to start over from the very beginning again. I don't know if you have to manually save it or not, I don't think you do. I would assume it'd save after each checkpoint, but it doesn't for me

I had a similar problem. The gun isn't working whatsoever. I heard this was a common glitch so I thought if I restarted it, it would work. Nothing. I cannot progress the game at all now. :/ I might have to start over as well. It's a bit frustrating. 

That's very bizarre, did anything change? I've not had a crash issue before, especially since the game can run on a potato! No you're right, it's an automatic save, there's a new patch as of recent so maybe download and try that? The gun locking has been fixed too.

Streamed this recently for Halloween. I don't spook, but I still enjoyed playing this. The audio was my favorite part about the game. I'm also curious about any Easter Eggs I missed.

Good job, devs.

Great game! Found a couple endings.

beat the game and had nightmares for a week!

Mr. Hopps reminds me of Glitchtrap (from FNAF) with the whole man-sized rabbit and tape finding.

Such a fun game, flawed but fun

Pretty awesome game! I reall enjoyed playing it, keep up the good work! I leave you my review on it. Enjoy!


Love the style and feel of this game!

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We know where you got inspiration from, Jon

I loved playing this game! and i love how it mixes the mechanics of where the enemy follows the sound, and i love the artstyle! ^-^

Here's a video i did on it:

I actually got nightmares from joke


thanks for giving me nightmares

So, I also found an Easter egg! Let's just say he's a blue hedgehog! Didn't expect that!

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I freakin found Pennywise (or more like the red balloon) in the ******** while playing the game. What a surprise!! (too bad i didn't record the easter egg)

Also this game is freakin awesome!!!!!

Hint: where would Pennywise live?

Well done! You're the world's first!

You kidding right?

I just played it again just for fun and I stumbled upon the **se**nt and saw just a weird looking wall so I thought it was a glitch or some sorts. Didn't know I can go through it. First reaction going in was like OMG. 

That sounds fun! Are you allowed to tell us where? (or when?) I spent a long time going back to the basement over and over again but nothing. 

I have recently played the game again and to my surprise I couldn't get it again. 

My conclusion is that I was very very lucky to find it the first time. Also yes its in the basement all the way at the end. If you're lucky enough then the far end wall would not be a wall and will be black 

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Featured this in my video. Absolutely loved the art style!


I don't want this stuffed animal ANYWHERE near me.

I have found ALL THE SECRETS! Video below with timestamps to each secret :) Hope you all enjoy

Ps. If there are MORE secrets, sorry for missing them.

It just works and the theme is great, I really like the art style too.

hahahaha this game is awesome

I really hope they keep updating this game! It's amazing!


Terrifying game! It was so much fun to play, cannot wait to unlock the alt endings


What a cute little bunny!! 😍


Please port this to Android, so I can be comfortable enough to play it lol. (I have a PC but I'm scared.)


I can't believe this is the only game you've made and uploaded... it is a true masterpiece! Loved every second of it! Please do more! :D


You said "... what's up with the clown toy?". Does that mean there is a new mechanic


This was easily one of the best horror experiences I have experienced in a very long time. I am amazed at how well executed everything was and look forward to more games from you in the future!


Ok, so this GOD TIER. I usually don't enjoy pixel games, especially 2D types, but this one made me a believer! The toy obstacles are perfect and the way Hopps comes after you is genuinely blood pumping! Wish I knew about the other endings though, I only got 2.


Matches and the couch...



I found the lighter fluid but can't light the fire???

Light the cloth in the couch with the matches, and just leave the fire going, then completee the game.


This was an AMAZING game!! I really, really enjoyed it and can't wait for more games from you all. <3 

I loveee this game so much! Haven't got into a horror game in quite a while. This one was really well done. It inspired me to make a parody for your game too actually ^^ Here's a link to it:

The original song is Yumbo Bear by The Living Tombstone. I hope my parody did justice to your amazing game




Such a surprisingly scary game! Very much enjoyed my play through!

dude great job had a blast, put it in my spooky series. heres my playthrough

Hi i love the way you have made this game and think it is very cool. I was wondering what software you used to make this game (I am a one man team myself and i am still working to find the right software for working) I've only just started out but i was hoping that you would help a bit. Thanks

Hey, I checked the game how it was ran, and then I saw the game engine of it, Clickteam Fusion/Multimedia Fusion 2.5.




I have a little problem? I can't shoot him. I don't have LMB or a controller to do this. Is there any way to do so?


You don't have a mouse? What do you use?

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Oh I do have a mouse. I'll try that. I just didn't know what LMB meant but thanks! I really enjoyed your game! 


Thanks for playing! :)

Left mouse button meaning of LMB in mouse.


Thanks. I don't play too much games so I'm not used to it.


You press R and it will shoot


I almost lost it playing this game, but it was a lot of fun! I decided to make my first ever lets play while playing this and I had a lot of fun doing so. Thank you for making such a fun scary game!

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